quarta-feira, 17 de dezembro de 2014

Música & Lágrimas

Esta música é tão linda que dói. A letra, a melodia, a interpretação... tudo. Chorei escutando. Sensibilidade é isso aí. Eu sempre me surpreendo quando canções me lembram eu mesma.

Strand of Oaks - Plymouth

Sometimes I move like shadow 
Sometimes I move like wind 
But most days I stop where I begin 

Naked in the Great Lakes 
Underneath the shine of Mars 
I begged my friend to just let me drift on 

Shower your loves with kisses
Shower the world with tears 
Take advantage of those who got you here

Let me roll, let me go 
Let me roll, let me go 
I’m bound to lose control 

I stopped listening to music 
I kept writing the same song 
Comfort doesn’t mean you're better off 

I met you when your hair was short 
And my ego had barely formed
It took a jug of wine just to ask you home

We took black and white pictures 
With your hooded sweatshirt on 
We were beautiful, broken, and young 

Let me roll, let me go 
Let me roll, let me go I
I’m bound to lose control

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